Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noah & Rhawnie..Engaged!!

Noah and Rhawnie just got engaged a few days ago and since they are planning an August wedding, they jumped immediately on wedding planning, starting with engagement photos! I was so excited to shoot with them since Noah has been a friend for years and Rhawnie is absolutely wonderful!! It was so great spending the day with them.

We began in La Jolla at the beach which made me a bit nervous since it was Memorial Day, but we were lucky for two reasons: 1. We instantly found a parking spot (Really? When does that EVER happen in La Jolla?!), 2. We found a perfect patch of beach with almost no people in the water and the pier directly behind them.

We had some outfit changes, unique locations, and many amazing shots throughout the next hour. They came prepared with lots of fun and creative elements for their photos which was great. But what I loved most was how loving and natural they were. Whether they in the water or on a tractor, they their spontaneous, energetic, and loving selves :) I've seen tons and tons of loving and happy couples but so far they take the cake (or maybe the twinkie) of the most lovable and most adorable couple! Congratulations you Noah and Rhawnie!!

one of my favorites!!

favorite collage!

favorite shot of the day!

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