Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Michael Eugene Collins III was born this past December to a wonderful loving family. Krystal asked me to take some photos of her new man a few weeks after he was born. We had so much fun dressing him up and chatting while we waited for him to stop fussing. It's challenging to shoot new born babies but we had a blast doing it!

Krystal and I joked that we would call him "Tres" (as in 3..) because his is a third generation Collins. He looks JUST like his dad so the name fits perfectly. Welcome to the world baby Mikey!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tea For Two

Tea for two..Tim and Chrissy!!!

To celebrate Tim and Chrissy's engagement we gathered together as bridesmaids for a Victorian bridal tea at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. We loved the location, atmosphere, food, and of course time together as friends. The hotel was kind enough to allow me to decorate the table with some fun little bridal decorations and details. I unfortunately only had my small powershot camera with me so the images aren't the typical best but we loved taking photos together regardless!

Celebrating this special time in our friend's life has been so special and so fun. Chrissy has such a beautiful spirit and good heart and it's been such a blessing to have her friendship in my life. We have had years of fun memories and experiences together through college and I am so excited to share in our futures together too! She has been such a wonderful friend to me ((and all the bridesmaids!)) and it's been an honor to have her ask me to be a part of her big day!!

It's been so amazing to see her and Tim grow as a couple, they are truly inspirational and meant to be soul mates. Tim is talented, intelligent, musical, kind, spiritual, and considerate--and exact mirror image of his beautiful bride. Chrissy compliments his strengths, supports the weaknesses, and brings out the best in him, something I am so happy to say I see him to equally for her. They have been wonderful friends the past few years and I am excited to see what their future holds!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Miller +1

A few months ago I photographed my darling friends Noah and Rhawnie's engagement photos. Since I am back in California for a few weeks they asked me to take some Christmas card photos for them with their newest edition to their home--a beautiful new puppy!

Kindal was happy and energetic the whole time, loving the camera and completely mystified by the sand. Rhawnie added a cute little red bow on her to create the perfect holiday tone for their shots (she's always thinking ahead and so crafty!) Noah loved running around with her and playing 'dad' in the park and (just like before!) made the images fun with his great sense of humor and silly faces. He has such a wonderful spirit about him and simply glows with joy when with his beautiful new bride. They are such a match made in heaven and a delight to be around!!

We loved walking through Balboa Park and Mission Beach area snapping images and playing with the pup. Thanks for asking me to help you create and capture some new family memories, love you guys!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Our Siberian Husky had puppies a few months ago and when I came home for a weekend visit I snapped some shots of these adorable little pups!! Warning: these images will make you "ooh" and "ahh" and want a new furry friend for your home :)