Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Introducing Kaydence Rose

My cousin Nicole was blessed with her third beautiful little girl in March. Kaydence Rose was welcomed into a loving and wonderful family with two darling older sisters and two loving parents. We are all absolutely delighted she has joined us on earth and for the warmth of her spirit. I was able to spend some time with all three girls and snapped quite a few shots of them playing dress up, coloring with chalk, eating jelly beans, running around the yard, sharing hugs and kisses, loving, living, and laughing together as a family. Here were some of the photos, enjoy!!

Playing at Petco

Rarely do I ever post any details of my life on here, but I had a wonderful unique experience a few days ago that I thought I would share with the lovely clan of fellow bloggers. My dear mentor and friend Alex took my friend Jon and myself on a private tour of the San Diego Padres stadium on Friday. We were able to see the behind the scenes details of the park, a ground level view of the field, and enjoy a little sunshine! I left with some dirt in my shoes and a smile on my face. Thank you again Alex for another memorable experience and wonderful day!

Warning: I only had my little powershot camera with my so these photos are by no means top notch but still worth sharing :)

Ian and Lauren..Engaged!!

I had the pleasure of photographing Ian and Lauren's engagement photos a few weeks ago and am finally finding time to put them on here! They were introduced to me through my sister and were such a pleasure to work with! Love is in the air with these two and we had a wonderful time running around Temecula, CA to capture some fun and memorable moments between them.

With 5 months to go before the wedding, the couple came up with some creative ideas for their shoot that really reflected their sweet personalities and soon-to-be wonderful wedding! Fountains, nature, bridges, and horses were brought in to make their time with me truly uniquely theirs and I very much enjoyed it! These two are so kind to each other, it's amazing to see how love can illuminate lives and brighten smiles. I had a fantastic time with these two and truly admired their dedication and love for one another. Here are just some of my favorites from the day! Enjoy and congratulations Ian and Lauren!!

favorite shot of the day!