Sunday, February 7, 2010

Steve & Katelyn...Engaged!

My roommate Katelyn and her fiance Steve asked me to take some engagement photos for them for their upcoming April wedding. I was SO excited for them because Katelyn and I have been wedding talking, shopping, and planning for months so it was exciting to do this for them and see their wedding plans come together! We went to some of my favorite locations and got some amazing shots! Something scary happened though, while taking one of { my absolutely favorite ring shots } of all time of both their rings in the tree by the river, her ring fell into the snow and we couldn't find it! Heart stopping scare but we of course found it a few minutes later. We came out with easily over 400 photos which made it hard to edit and narrow down the favorites but here were some I liked most:

favorite shot of the day!


  1. Krista! Goregous pictures! Come take pictures of me to make me look beautiful! xoxo

  2. Krista! I am not surprised that you have become a wonderful photographer! You had so much fun taking pictures when we were in Europe. How are you? I'm glad that you have a photography blog. I'll have to add yours to my list so I can check up on your newest pics.